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Go Modular SIP

Go Modular SIP
294 Albion Road
Lincoln, RI 02865

Go Modular SIP - any style modular home or building with the option of sip walls or roofs.

Imagine building a new home or any building with walls that are 210 - 363 % more energy efficient than conventional 2x4 or 2x6 walls!... and for about the same cost as conventional building !

That is the option you now have at Go Modular

Go Modular has been in business successfully for 25 years . We have recently added the word SIP to our name, Go Modular SIP, to reflect the combining of two long standing and currently very popular American industries, the modular home and building industry and the SIP ( structural insulated panel) industry, to create the most energy efficient and most cost effective way to build a new home or building. Go Modular has one of the first patent pendings for modular /sip construction.

From Maine to Virginia, Go Modular has offices and contractors that can do " turn key " or guide you through a " do it yourself " project. We have built over 1,000 homes from small starter homes to very upscale, custom designed homes in areas you never imagined a modular home would go.

Custom designing is one of our strengths and is free. Our other strength is our commitment to always offering the lowest prices for the most specs and service.

We offer traditional , modern, and log, homes and commercial buildings as conventional modular or as modular sip

Go Modular SIP - any style modular home or building with the option of sip walls or roofs.


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