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Cabin Kit Homes Cabin

Product Types: Cabin
Service Areas: All States
Description: Finding the right niche in the market can make all the difference in the world, especially in home building and real estate development. With US headquarters in Greer, Arizona, George Wardner and his company have busily carved out a specialty "niche" market... rugged, tastefully designed log and...

Cavco Industries, Inc. Modern

Product Types: Modern
Service Areas: All States
Description: Cavco is currently one of the largest producers of Manufactured Housing in the U.S. today. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Cavco has built a quality reputation as being a leader in all types of housing in the Southwest year after year since 1965. Cavco also ranks as one of the largest producers of...

Champion Homes Modular Homes

Product Types: Modular Homes
Service Areas: All States
Description: Throughout our long history, Champion has been acknowledged as a leader in the manufactured housing industry. More recently, we achieved the distinction of becoming the largest modular homebuilder in North America. In addition to these leadership positions, we have expanded our modular...

CleverHomes Luxury , Modern

Product Types: Luxury , Modern
Service Areas: All States
Description: CleverHomes designs and builds modern sustainable homes. The company uses a panelized approach to prefabrication which affords greater design flexibility, allowing clients to customize their home to the unique aspects of their site and their lifestyle.
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