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All American Homes Log Home , Log Homes , Modular Homes , Multifamily Modular

Product Types: Modular Homes , Log Home
Service Areas: Alabama
Description: All American Homes is one of the nation's leading builders of residential systems-built (modular) housing. We have a network of over 300 independent builders that serve homebuyers in 35 states. We were founded in 1970 and are owned by Coachmen Industries, Inc. Coachmen Industries is a publicly...

Arrowhead Log and Hybrid Structures Cabin , Cabins , Log Home , Log Homes

Product Types: Cabin , Log Home
Service Areas: Alabama
Description: We help design and build a functional log home plan. Then, you live your dream. While a house is often referred to as a home, the concept of ""home"" is broader than just a ""place"". Log homes are a place of refuge and safety, where worldly cares fade and the things and people that one loves...

Cabin Kit Homes Cabin

Product Types: Cabin
Service Areas: All States
Description: Finding the right niche in the market can make all the difference in the world, especially in home building and real estate development. With US headquarters in Greer, Arizona, George Wardner and his company have busily carved out a specialty "niche" market... rugged, tastefully designed log and...

Cavalier Homes, Inc. Manufactured , Manufactured Homes , Mobile

Service Areas: Alabama
Description: At Cavalier Home Builders, we have a better way. We build homes in weather protected building centers with a stable and reliable workforce. Our skilled associates work in a warm, clean environment, out of the weather. They're allowed to concentrate on specific tasks and become experts at...
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