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American Dream Inc Manufactured , Manufactured Homes , Mobile , Mobiles

Product Types: Modern
Service Areas: Massachusetts
Description: Founded in 1987 by Edward J. Faneuf, American Dream Inc. is backed with 16 years of industry experience. American Dream Inc. provides the best modular home designs and the best time tested staff and building techniques. We give you a house you'll love, along with great customer support - a...

Cavco Industries, Inc. Modern

Product Types: Modern
Service Areas: All States
Description: Cavco is currently one of the largest producers of Manufactured Housing in the U.S. today. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Cavco has built a quality reputation as being a leader in all types of housing in the Southwest year after year since 1965. Cavco also ranks as one of the largest producers of...

CleverHomes Luxury , Modern

Product Types: Modern
Service Areas: All States
Description: CleverHomes designs and builds modern sustainable homes. The company uses a panelized approach to prefabrication which affords greater design flexibility, allowing clients to customize their home to the unique aspects of their site and their lifestyle.

Enertia Building Systems Manufactured Homes , Modern , Panelized SIP

Product Types: Modern
Description: Enertia provides innovative new homes of remarkable strength, economy, and beauty, brought to life by an elegant new architecture and the discovery of a new source of pollution-free energy. We will show you a method of building homes and offices in which natural materials and natural forces are...
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