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CleverHomes Luxury , Modern

Product Types: Luxury
Service Areas: All States
Description: CleverHomes designs and builds modern sustainable homes. The company uses a panelized approach to prefabrication which affords greater design flexibility, allowing clients to customize their home to the unique aspects of their site and their lifestyle.

Excel Homes Luxury , Manufactured , Manufactured Homes , Modern

Product Types: Luxury
Service Areas: All States
Description: Excel is more than a name. It's a faster, smarter way to build a new home. The Excel approach accelerates the building process. We exceed homeowner expectations by ensuring your vision and options come together within your timeframe and budget. Once you experience the Excel way to build a home,...

Go Modular SIP Luxury , Modern , Modular Homes , Panelized SIP

Product Types: Luxury
Description: Go Modular SIP - any style modular home or building with the option of sip walls or roofs.

Imagine building a new home or any building with walls that are 210 - 363 % more energy efficient than conventional 2x4 or 2x6 walls!... and for about the same cost as conventional building !

Marmol Radzine Prefab Luxury , Modern , Modular Homes , MultiFamily Luxury

Product Types: Luxury
Service Areas: All States
Description: Marmol Radziner Prefab combines the efficiency of factory-built homes with the benefits of custom residential design.
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