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Vermont Pinnacle Homes

Vermont Pinnacle Homes
257 Old Farm Rd.
Stowe, Stowe VT

Design Specialists
Vermont Pinnacle Homes is a specialist in the conceptualization and design of custom modular homes. Our design process is amazingly fast! Most of the work is done -- as you watch and make input. Imagine, sitting down with an expert and completing the house design of your dreams…all within several hours.

Our homes incorporate flowing, efficient floor plans, with exteriors that are both functional and exceptionally attractive. With our “hands-on” interactive design approach – we will quickly create the floor plan that you need – with the amenities that you want – at a cost that you can afford!

Unique "Hybrid" Builder
Vermont Pinnacle Homes is a unique "hybrid" builder of custom homes. Our primary mission is to provide you with exactly the high-quality home that you desire - at a cost that cannot be matched by any other form of construction. We first determine what parts of that house could most cost effectively be built in a factory environment and what parts are most efficiently constructed directly in the field. We then seamlessly marry the factory built modular components with the unique field constructed components (Ells, Bump-Outs, Sun Rooms, Porches, Decks, etc.) - such that the finished home is exactly to your plan. With this hybrid construction approach - there are no modular imposed design constraints...."you can truly have it your way."


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