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Parco Homes

Parco Homes
911 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 513-5712
So why are we doing this anyway? The simple answer is that we all deserve better homes. New homes in the U.S. are built using the same or inferior technology as homes built over a century ago and most are designed around planning principals that are just as antiquated. The truth however, is that people live differently today than they did 100 years ago and we now have much better technology available to us. In addition, we are committed to helping to develop truly sustainable building practices. The growing “green” movement is beginning to put pressure on home-builders. However, they are slow to move and unsophisticated in application. For example, some of the larger builders’ idea of green design is to install compact fluorescent light bulbs and three-bin recycling centers in their homes. We’ve got a different idea. Why not design the home from scratch, using the best technology, materials and methods available to us today? We know that homes can be built more efficiently, with less waste and in less time. They can also be of much higher quality, designed to resist greater seismic and wind forces and with low or no maintenance finishes.


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