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Leisure Woods Inc.,

Leisure Woods Inc.,
P.O. Box 248
Genoa, IL 60135

Leisure Woods, Inc., a family owned business, is a premier manufacturer of cedar gazebo kits. Leisure Woods Inc., has a variety of pre-engineered gazebos designed to compliment both the residential and commercial environments. We currently manufacture 2 gazebo series, the Lake Wood Gazebo and the Cedar Cove Gazebo. Gazebos are our specialty, and we offer an extremely wide range of designs, sizes, and options. The Lake Wood series has 10 interchangeable valance and railing styles, 16 different sizes and shapes, 5 roof styles, and just as many options. The Cedar Cove series, has 5 valance and railing styles, 12 different sizes and shapes, 2 roof styles, and many other options. Leisure Woods Gazebos is synonymous with timeless designs and quality craftsmanship. Our artisan heritage and attention to detail is evident throughout the design and manufacturing process.


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