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Epoch Homes

Epoch Homes
P.O. Box 235, 107 Sheep Davis Road (Route 106)
Pembroke, NH 3275

Since we founded Epoch Homes in 1983, our mission has been to build the best quality custom homes, combining the finest materials and old world craftsmanship with the efficiencies and economies of modular construction - a term that describes a construction approach, rather than any particular style of home.In the decades since then, we've built thousands of high quality single family homes in a wide range of styles, as well as modular subdivisions, multifamily projects and light commercial buildings. We work with a network of Recognized Independent Epoch Builders who are trained in the Epoch modular process. Our 65,000 square foot facility employs 115 skilled professionals, who build from 100 to 160 unique homes each year, ranging from 2 modules to 33. If you're in the Concord, NH area, visit our model home or schedule a factory tour, to really appreciate the quality of our workmanship. We'd love to see you!


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