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Design Homes, Inc.

Design Homes, Inc.
Hwy 35 North
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Design Homes has always had a policy of low-pressure sales and quality construction. Each year, we make product improvements, and over the last 40 years, we have become the best-built, most complete home available in the upper midwest. We use brand-name components throughout like Lennox high-efficiency furnaces, Kohler & Moen plumbing, Certainteed Shangle shingles, and Certainteed lifetime siding. Every Design Home includes delivery, on-site crane placement, and tax.We believe that the homebuyer is quite capable of hiring a plumber and concrete contractor instead of letting a dealer do it--you avoid double mark-ups and keep your overall cost down. By building some of the home in our factory, we are able to keep the home dry during construction and have better quality control. Our quantity purchasing-direct from the various manufacturers-keeps the price per sq. ft. low, and eliminating the dealer means you don't have to pay a middleman to be involved. As a sideline benefit, we are able to allow customers to design their own floorplans at no extra charge.


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