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Cabin Kit Homes

Cabin Kit Homes
P O Box 150
Greer, Arizona 85927

Finding the right niche in the market can make all the difference in the world, especially in home building and real estate development. With US headquarters in Greer, Arizona, George Wardner and his company have busily carved out a specialty "niche" market... rugged, tastefully designed log and cedar homes and vacation cabins.

"Cabin Kit Homes"

A new line of cedar cabin designs... called "Cabin Kits"... are complete exterior shell packages sold and delivered nationwide from their own mill operations and suppliers in British Columbia and across Canada. Cabin Kits are perfect for year around living or as weekend, holiday or vacation hideaways. And because they are easy to build, Cabin Kits are time-efficient and cost-effective for the professional builder or contractor as well as the do-it-yourself marketplace.

"NAFTA... the North American Free Trade Agreement... has been a major factor in our success," says Wardner. "Under our exclusive NAFTA agreement, we can bring our Cabin Kit packages to US consumers without any tariffs, duties, border fees or local sales taxes. In addition, because we ship direct to customers around the world from our own facilities in Canada, there are no brokers, distributors, dealers, wholesale or retail mark-ups, and no middlemen. The savings to the customer are extraordinary... often 35-40% less than what the big companies like Home Depot, Lowes, etc., would charge for the same materials!"

While the trend in the industry is to offer a bigger menu of services, Wardner and his companies, Cabin Kit Homes, wants to stay away from the "jack-of-all-trades" label. "We’re in the service business," says Wardner. "Because of our past experience with high-quality custom homes, our Cabin Kits reflect that same discipline and quality. We value the reputation we have earned because of our knowledge and expertise, and we believe customers and clients want the confidence, security and peace of mind that comes from dealing with experienced professionals."

The first "Cabin Kits"

"We’re a unique team of individuals and building professionals with over 60 years of design, construction and development experience with diverse projects in many areas." Some of the company’s past projects have included entire subdivisions... like Mili Mikani, a resort development of 65 unique garden and vacation homes at the Princeville, a golf resort on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. These garden and vacation homes offered unique designs with building materials supplied and shipped from the North America mainland as complete exterior shell packages. These were the first "Cabin Kits," says Wardner. "The savings were extraordinary and each customer had the chance to customize and decorate their home as they wished."

"With increasingly restrictive environmental and growth management policies, one of our biggest assets is our ability to work with local government and regulatory agencies to get plans and projects approved and permits issued," says Wardner. "We're also familiar with local building, environmental and land-related issues like water, soils, septic, sewer and waste treatment systems, as well as zoning, CC&R’s and utility services... all of which can affect the home-building process."

"Success happens on purpose, not by accident," says Wardner, whose vision for the future is based on a track record of successful projects including more than 3,000 homes since 1972.

"Being right can be a lonely business." And while most builders and developers resist change and are slow to adopt new systems and technologies, Cabin Kit Homes takes pride in being on the cutting edge with innovative new programs and services. "Our web site is intended to be a resource of useful information," says Wardner. "We enjoy a highly visible presence on the internet, and use the technology to serve our customers and to expand our client base."

"In the building and development business, land prices and building costs follow demand," says Wardner. "With low interest rates and a good supply of quality lots, land and acreage parcels available, this is a great time to build a new home or vacation cabin."


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