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What Types of Manufactured Homes Are Available?


by FindPreFab.com | 09/19/2007

If you are interested in the convenience and price benefits of a manufactured home, you might first want to learn more about what types of manufactured homes are available. Your best bet is to visit a local manufactured home dealer for more information, but before you do that, you will want to learn a bit more. For starters, you might be confused about terminology, so let's clear some things up. Here is information on some basic terms:

  • Manufactured home. A manufactured home is one built in a protected environment, such as a factory, following federal standards, and then taken to its site. Laws governing the building of manufactured homes were put into effect by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1976, in order to ensure higher grade housing.
  • Mobile home. This is the term now given to all manufactured homes made before the federal rules were enacted in 1976. Because there were no regulations, often these homes were constructed with shoddy materials and techniques.
  • Modular home. This is a type of manufactured home in which the individual modules are constructed at the factory and then trucked to the home site to be assembled. These homes are regulated by state law, and because of this cannot be moved from state to state.
  • Panelized home. A home built in panels, such as a wall with windows and doors already inserted, and then assembled on site. Panelized homes are also regulated by the state.
  • Pre-cut homes. Similar to panelized homes, pre-cut homes are also assembled on site. These types of manufactured homes include specialty homes such as domes, log homes and kits.

Manufactured home prices vary with the size of the home you have chosen. However, because they are built in a controlled environment using assembly line techniques a manufactured home price is often considerably less than a traditional home. Many home buyers are initially lured by this factor. Once they see the many manufactured home floor plans that are available, they are easily convinced of the other benefits of owning a manufactured home.

There are two common types of manufactured home plans. These are single section and multi-section. The single section home is very popular, because it is economical. These homes can contain up to 1,300 square feet of area to live in. One thing to be aware of with this type of manufactured home is that because of its construction, it can bend in transport and may have to be shored up upon arrival at the site.

A multi-section home is a bit different in that the various sections are constructed separately at the factory, and assembled on site. These homes can range up to 1,500 square feet of space.

You might be surprised at the variety of manufactured home floor plans that are available, whether you choose a single section or a multi-section home. It is a great benefit to the consumer that manufactured homes are now so tightly regulated, because this results in higher quality and safer homes. But because of this, it is vital to work with a manufactured home dealer who can help you to understand the various laws and choose a home that you will love.


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