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Things to Consider About Cedar Homes


by FindPreFab.com | 09/25/2007

The beauty of cedar homes is simply unparalleled. Whether you are looking for a cedar home plan, or cedar log home kits, there is one trend in the industry which you will want to know about. This is the use of laminated cedar timbers to build your cedar log home.

One of the biggest problems with cedar homes and other log homes is settling and shrinkage. Because of this, with traditional cedar homes, these factors have to be taken into consideration during the design of the cedar home plan. Laminated timbers do not have the high moisture content of other logs, because it has been removed in the lamination process. Thus assembly of a cedar home with laminated timber is quick. There are no complex allowances for settling and shrinkage to be planned for. This results not only in a stronger and more durable home for you, but also one that can be constructed faster. Many people feel that choosing a laminated cedar home will give you the style you want in a log home, while greatly reducing some of the problems associated with building cedar homes.

While some potential owners of cedar homes may prefer to go with non-laminated logs for reasons of appearance and tradition, there are many advantages to the new laminated logs. Besides the above-mentioned lack of worrying about settling and shrinkage, cedar homes built with laminated logs are fire safe, require little maintenance, and are very energy efficient.

Once you've decided on your cedar home, it is time to decide which company you will have build your cedar log home. Kits and plans are readily available on the internet, but can you trust a company just because they have an attractive website? There are several ways to find a respected company to build your cedar home.

  • Visit open houses.Many purveyors of cedar log home kits and plans have model homes that you can visit and get ideas from. When these companies have open houses, you may be able to meet others who have used their services and ask them questions.
  • Ask the cedar home company for references.
  • Sit down and go through any research about cedar homes that you've collected.Write down any questions you can think of. You might think about asking about problems the homeowners might have had with the company, or things they especially liked. Do this for every company that you are considering.
  • Call the list of people and ask all your questions about their experiences designing and building cedar homes. You'll not only get good information about potential contractors, you may also get some great design tips also.
  • Ask the homeowners what type of cedar logs they used. Inquire if the home-owner used traditional milled cedar logs or the laminated type and what their experience has been with the material.

Your cedar log home will give you years of lasting enjoyment if you do your research and find a reputable contractor ahead of time. By checking references and asking questions you will find the perfect contractor and choose the perfect building materials for your cedar home.


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