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The Ins and Outs of Log Homes and Log Home Kits


by FindPreFab.com | 09/25/2007

Many people who are interested in log homes are also interested in the convenience of purchasing log home kits. With a log home kit, you get everything you need for the construction of your log home delivered directly to your site. Since the materials needed are specific to this kind of construction, a log home kit is often the best way to ensure a quality finished product.

Where can you find information on log home kits and log home kit prices? Begin your search on the internet, where you will find a wide variety of companies offering log home kits. If you want to get an in-person feel for a log home, look around for local dealers. In most parts of the country there are log home companies who have constructed log homes that you can visit. These homes will give you an idea of the unique feel of living in a log home. After all, there is nothing like the natural beauty and elegance of a log home and they are best experienced in person. While there, talk to the dealer and get an idea if you see eye to eye about log home construction.

Once you have decided that you want to build a log home, your next step is to do your research. Start by learning a bit about log homes. The more you learn about the various unique qualities of timber and wood, the better you will be able to make a wise selection. There are two main types of logs used for building log homes, and you'll want to choose the type that suits your needs best when considering a log home kit.

  • Handcrafted. These log home kits utilize logs that have had their bark peeled but otherwise are unchanged from the way they grow naturally. These types of log homes are about as close to nature as you can get and still remain indoors!
  • Milled, also called machine-profiled. These log homes use logs that have been put through machines to remove natural imperfections and make them all similar sizes. The milled logs are sometimes controversial, with "true" log home aficionados claiming that the milled logs have little resemblance to handcrafted logs. However, those who prefer machine-profiled logs beg to disagree.

The choice of which type of log to look for in a log home kit is up to you. Consider log home kit prices as you make your selection. Milled logs will be more reasonable in price because they are machine finished. Today, the vast majority of log homes feature milled logs, simply because they are more versatile and easier to work with. If you desire the handcrafted logs you may pay a higher log home kit price and have to look a little harder for a company to work with.

Of course, choosing log home kits is more complex than simply deciding on what type of logs to use. After you have chosen between handcrafted and milled logs, there are many other considerations. Different types of log home construction, such as spikes, bolts or screws must be pondered. Each manufacturer of log home kits will have their preferred methods and so if you have any firm ideas about such details, it is a good idea to ask questions and do your research ahead of time.

The world of log homes and log home kits is full of details to be learned, but with a small amount of research you'll be up on all the ins and outs in no time. And your time will pay off eventually in a gorgeous log home of your very own.


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