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How to Find Log Home Plans


by FindPreFab.com | 09/25/2007

So, you're in the market for log home plans. Perhaps you've stayed at a cabin that featured log construction, or visited a friend's log home. Or maybe one of the log home models caught your eye. Whatever the impetus, you've decided to build a log home and now you need to find a log home plan to suit your needs.

One great way to find a log home house plan is to start by looking around on the internet. No, there is no substitute for actually visiting model homes and talking to potential builders, but you might be pleasantly surprised by the incredible number of log home plans available on the internet. You can at least begin to get an idea about what kind of design you would like for your log home plan.

For starters, it is important to realize that most contemporary builders prefer the term log home to log cabin. The term log cabin generally refers to a smaller home, perhaps a vacation or hunting cabin. Because of this, the term log home is more representative of the wide variety of log structures that are available today. Most log homes being built today fall into two categories, traditional and contemporary.

  • Traditional. These homes fit the warm, comfy image that so many of us associate with log homes. Your traditional log home plan would include covered porches, which might even wrap around on two or four sides of the house. Traditional log home plans feature two gables and "birdhouse" dormers on the second floor.
  • Contemporary. Most contemporary log home plans feature light and space, with an open floor plan. A contemporary log home plan might incorporate a split floor-plan, which means the master bedroom and guest room are at opposite ends of the house. There will be more than two gables with a contemporary log home plan, and high ceilings as well.

Which log home house plan is right for you? That depends on your personal taste and priorities. If you love traditional furniture, antiques, and the cozy feel of separate rooms than the traditional log home plan will be your choice. However, if you love the sleek elegance of modern furniture design and seek the spaciousness of an open floor-plan, you will no doubt choose a contemporary log home plan.

Once you've decided on which style of log home plan is right for you, it will be time to looking within that category. Many websites list home plans by square footage, which is another convenient way to narrow your search for log home plans. You can choose your category and scroll through lists of specifications and pictures of gorgeous homes, and start to envision yourself living in one of those log homes!

When you find a log home plan that suits your needs, you can also customize it for an even better fit. Choose a log home plan, mark it with the changes you desire, and either send it to a company you've found on the internet or discuss it with a local log home builder. The can easily help you to modify your log home plans and then also quote you kit prices for it.

Finding log home plans for your dreams needn't be a complicated process. There are so many beautiful log home plans in both traditional and contemporary styles, that there is sure to be something that suits your needs perfectly.


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